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Why Christie’s? 2016 Latest Numbers and Comparison !

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The World’s Leading Luxury Real Estate Brand Supported by the esteemed art business, Christie’s International Real Estate is a global network offering exclusive home and luxury real estate services to buyers and sellers worldwide. Integrity, Expertise, and Discreet Client Service…

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The “Super Talls” and the Impact of New-build Inventory on Prime Markets

Years of record-breaking price increases, bidding wars due to limited luxury inventory, and strong international buyer interest resulted in a flurry of new ultra-luxurious buildings from developers eager to capitalize on ever-growing demand. 2015 was the apex of the new development blitz globally. The world’s 100th “super tall” skyscraper…

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Overseas Investment Influences

Alignment with the U.S. Economy Boosts Mexico’s Prime Real Estate Mexico’s third-largest city, Monterrey, has experienced strong recent economic growth, spurred in part by an influx of new automotive plants from overseas companies in 2014-2015. The city is leveraging its traditional industrial base, highly skilled labor force, and its…

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