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Más de un millón de pasajeros se movilizaron durante el pasado mes de mayo por los diferentes aeropuertos internacionales del país, según revela un informe de la Junta de Aviación Civil (JAC). El organismo señala que el mes de mayo de 2017 ha resultado histórico para la aviación comercial de la República Dominicana, transportando al…

Modern Bathrooms or simple Spa?

No longer a merely functional space, the bathroom today is part spa, part personal sanctuary, and part recharge station – and more lavishly designed than ever before… While the rest of the home has become open-plan, the bathroom has become an even more private space that allows for escape from the hubbub. Boutique Hotel CASA-22…

Cozy spots to enjoy at home!

Who doesn’t love to cuddle up in a corner while reading a book, sketching or writing on a journal? Cozy corners provide a somewhat private and quiet spots where you can do simple but relaxing activities. We present you Provaltur’s featured homes with the best cozy spots: Splendid 6 Bedrooms Resort Villa at Barranca Este…

Black Friday is the holy grail for deal-seeking shoppers during the holiday season. Gallery

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Black Friday is the holy grail for deal-seeking shoppers during the holiday season. But what about buyers searching for a luxury vacation home in the Caribbean — do the same deals exist for luxury real estate? While attending open houses and making offers may not be high on the traditional holiday schedule, it could be worth your time to…

Infinite Pools and where to find them!

You can come swim at our place, Hadley said, my mother likes me having friends home for a swim and tea. Terry Collett Infinite Pools in the Caribbean are a thing! Whether you are looking for the relaxation view or just marvelous instagrammable post, you are looking at the right place. What to know whats…

How to prepare your luxury home for sale

Taking the time to prepare your luxury home for sale puts you at an immediate advantage, and the potential return on investment can be significant. When showing luxury homes to potential buyers, appearance is everything, especially when marketing to high-net-worth clients. Christie’s experts and Affiliates share their advice on the home improvement steps most likely to improve the…

Oh! that view Part 2

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Soft comes the hush of eventide And songbirds hide In limbs of budded trees To bid farewell to setting sun With lullabies they’ve sung Each night for centuries.   Not only we have the best luxury properties available in the Dominican market, but we can also show off the best views! YES! Imagine yourself in…