Bahia de Ocoa is located southeast of the province of Azua, she belongs throughout a whole, although its easternmost borders the province Peravia.

The famous beaches Biyeya, Caracoles and Palmar de Ocoa are in this bay Palmar de Ocoa, about 125 kilometers from Santo Domingo, is a municipal district of the municipality Las Charcas, in Azua, located opposite the waters of the Bay of Ocoa. It is southeast of the province and east of the bay. The river separates Ocoa Peravia province. It is precisely the Ocoa River, which rises in the hill La Chorreosa of the Cordillera Central, crosses the province of Ocoa and dies in the Caribbean Sea, separating Azua de Peravia, who is honored as a province and municipality head, a bay and a municipal district with its name.


Palmar de Ocoa name as its inhabitants, comes to which is located at the mouth of the Ocoa River; in what their surroundings were located abundance of palms. The main economic activity of Palmar de Ocoa is fishing, but also engaged in agriculture, since you can find small banana plantations, onions, peppers and bananas. El Palmar de Ocoa has lush natural beauty that attracts tourists in all seasons. Its beaches are relaxing, refreshing and charming places. They are very quiet where you can swim without danger. Their festivities are celebrated from 8 to 16 July in honor of the Virgen del Carmen. On the last day, the inhabitants of this small coastal community walk in their boats to ask her employer a prosperous and abundant fishing. Its inhabitants tell that this area has a lot of tourism potential, so are hopeful that some investors now interested in Palmar de Ocoa, as it claims, has everything you need to be a major tourist destination in the south. Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery offered by this community and its crystalline waters, you can choose to participate in some of the excursions made offshore.


If you decide on fishing in these waters dorado, tuna, Guatapanal, and Albacore, which appear as the season abound. Some locals have chosen to offer services excursions groups offer them the necessary clothing for incursions fishing and diving, as these waters lend themselves perfectly to practice diving, thanks to the reefs.

Ocoa Bay Project

OCOABAY was born in the Bahía de Ocoa, the heart of a community pampered by the traveling sea breezes. Along with the nature of the zone coexists in harmony the vineyard, creating a mind, body and soul connection. The vibrant bougainvilleas that loyally mimic the sunsets in each flower, crown the landscape and organically delimit the community.

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OCOABAY is a refuge for a variety of endemic plants, such as the majestic guayacán, the bayahonda, the baitoa, the almácigo, the lantano, the ,cargaagua,, the paloamargo, the palo de chivo, among others. These native species are an authentic parade of color picks and its heights pick up momentum to create unique spaces in a tropical dry forest climate.

Embraced by the Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó National Park, our community is located within the only portion of the Central mountain range that makes contact with the Caribbean Sea.

OCOABAY encourages reforestation of endemic flora by planting more than 100,000 guayacán trees, hardwood specie renowned for its medicinal properties.


With the preservation of the predominant cacti and succulents in the area, we encourage the proliferation of flora and fauna. OCOABAY nourishes the ecosystem and creates the perfect balance._CHE7782

Marine life has grown alongside our community. We carefully protect our coral reefs, natural protection of aquatic wildlife, like turtles and lobsters in the area for preservation and proliferation. There is an abundant variety of high-quality fish such as tuna, snapper, dorado, marlin, as well as large amounts of sardines, flying fish and of course, the always surprising dolphins.



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OcoaBay Community of the vine


Resting in the hills overlooking the sea, the Caribbean’s only viticulture land produces an exclusive reserve of wines, and offers private sanctuary in The Community of the Vine.

Custom villas with their own vineyards offer panoramic views from the mountains to Ocoa Bay. Owners are able to bottle their reserve vintage directly from a professionally maintained vineyard. Lot sizes start at 0.5 acres, while villas begin at 2,700 sq ft. Luxury amenities include a clubhouse, a wellness center, a private beach, restaurants, spas, and a tasting lounge. The Ocoa farms are located on the 1,900-acre property, and food grown here is fully sustainable and free from chemicals and pesticides. Just 90 miles from the amenities of Santo Domingo, The community of the Vine boasts a spectacular location, made all the more convenient by its private on-site-heliports and plans to build a deep-water marina.

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