OCOABAY – Partners & Investors Proposal – The Community of Wine

Ocoabay, Azua, Dominican Republic
For Sale Price Upon Request - Investors and Developpers, Land / Lot, Vineyard
Ocoabay 1500000 m2 Year Built 2018


Inaugurated in 2013 by the President of the Dominican Republic, Ocoa Bay has been recognized for its incredible sustainability principals, and commitment to local communities in addition to becoming the official domestic wine of the country. Over the past 4 years the Vineyard has matured and produces already 3.000 bottles of exquisite wine each year.

Bodega, Tasting room, Wine Cellar, Clubhouse with infinity pool, Restaurant serving fresh food from the Organic Farm , Bar, Amphitheater, Resort Entrance and Security,

Infrastructure and Heliport have been realized with high quality sustainable materials and integrated in full harmony with the exceptional environment.

The regular income from restaurant, day-passes, wine tours and events cover the daily operation costs.

The owners of Ocoabay have decided that this is the right momentum to realize the Real Estate program detailed following and with priority the Boutique Hotel , Wellness Spa and other amenities like the private beach club and the authorized 30m long pier enabling yachts to moor. Consequently they are looking for the right partner/investor and are open for any reasonable proposition, including a 100% buy out.

If interested we can provide you with detailed financial forecasts demonstrating a substantial ROI with a leverage that can reach 78%. These financial projections are based on very  competitive in the market prices of around US$ 2.000/m² living space. The unit prices start just under the US$100.000 and reach maximum US$450.000.

With these very attractive prices we will attract a large domistic and international clientele from the USA, Canada, Europe and South America and in particular the numerous baby boomers generation.

Wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry reaching US$ 563 billion in 2015 worldwide. This fast growing activity fits perfectly in the sustainable image and natural environment of the Ocoabay project.



The Dominican Republic is still figuring among the cheapest and therefore most attractive real estate spots in the Caribbean and sales prices rarely exceed the US$2,000/m². Quality beach front condos are still available between US$ 100K and US$300K.

Projects must meet the requirments of the buyers of today: full service & management on the spot, efficient rental organisation, attractions and activities on the spot like in a hotel & resort. Last but not least more and more buyers require sustainable homes with reduced energy consumption and low carbon footprint.

The Ocoabay vineyard & wellness resort meet all these criteria and fast growing trends and even more as you will discover in the next pages.



  • On our overcrowded planet with increasing pollution and noise, locations enjoying total tranquillity, beautiful nature & vegatation and healthy air are in general too far away and very difficult and/or too expensive to reach.
  • Tucked away in the southern part of the Dominican Republic, only 75 miles from the international airport of the capital Santo Domingo, Ocoabay is one of the last easily accessible yet untouched nature enclaves in the world.
  • Ocoa Bay is home to the first full-service viticultural land in the Caribbean.The project rests upon 370-acres that are surrounded by National Preserve lands and reaches from the sparkling waters of Bahia de Ocoa into the mountains. A boutique hotel, spa, wellness center, wine village, beach club and private residences are in the planning stages.
  • The exclusive eco-friendly designs display unparalleled beauty. The exquisite rustic modern architecture with upmarket amenities are designed from the onset to complement
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainability set the foundation for Ocoa Bay’s master plan. The most advanced sustainable technologies are being integrated including clean energy, living green roof systems, responsible water usage from our springs and waste elimination.
  • Because Ocoa Bay’s organic foods and wines share the region’s fertile soils and weather it creates a culinary connection unlike any other.



The first vineyard in the Americas was planted in the Ocoa Bay region by Spanish explorers in the early sixteenth century. According to historical archives, Hernan Cortes lived in the nearby town of Azua where he cultivated grapes for six years before setting off on a conquest for the Aztecan Empire.

More than 500 years past before Ocoa Bay made an attempt to bring viticulture back to life in the Caribbean. The success has been remarkable.

Flourishing in the Dominican terroir the wines are exceptional in the ability to move us with a finesse, an aromatic complexity, and a remarkable presence on the palate, which only the world’s greatest vintages have the ability to harness. The sustainable and fully equipped Bodega can produce up to 50K bottles/year.

DETAILED CONCEPT real estate program

The future of the second home market is a combination of hotel and real estate. Buyers from second homes require the same service, facilities, activities and attractions as if they stay in a hotel and demand a return on investment while only occupying their second home a couple of weeks per year.

  • Consequently Ocoabay will be branded as an unique eco & wellness & spa & vineyard resort where a limited number of privileged clients can purchase a property with an outlook on high return and capital gain.
  • No cars on the land (central parking at the entrance of the resort) and transport on the land only by foot, bicycle and electric Golf Cart. This will reduce the infrastructure cost considerably.
  • Building permits are secured for 58.320 m² living space which means a density of only 4% on the total land of 1.5 million m², divided as follows:
    • Boutique Hotel of 40 individual bungalows and 20 sudios
    • Apart Hotel with 60 apartments
    • 268 individual villas with 2,3,4 or 5 bedrooms.
    • A minimum of 638 rooms are allowed with a possible extension up to 1179 rooms.



  • Ocoabay is located at the edge of the Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deño National Park, the only area in te Dominican Republic where the Central Cordillera mountains touch the Caribbean Sea.
  • This unique location offers unlimited activities. Kayaking with dolphins in cristal clear water and hiking through the unspoiled hills and mountains can be experienced the same day


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OCOABAY – Partners & Investors Proposal – The Community of Wine
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