Buying a home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. If you are a home buyer first time or you are buying a holiday home or an investment property, this new company will most likely involves a significant investment of its assets. The more prepared you from the beginning, the smoother the whole process of purchase. We are committed to helping buyers understand the real estate market today and the buying process so you will be able to make an informed decision. If you have any questions about the purchasing process, we are always willing to help.


Benefits of investing in a house in Dominican Republic

As the real estate market continues to flourish Dominican Republic, there really has never been a better time to invest. With the purchase of a house today, you will be able to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Income Tax savings
  • No fluctuating monthly housing costs
  • Additional space
  • Increased freedom and privacy


Info Buyer Tips

As for the dream of home ownership a reality is a big to do. Whether you’re a first time buyer or this is not your first rodeo, sailing current real estate market can be challenging. The next 18 Steps to Buying a Home in the Dominican Republic information, advice will help in the search, choice, financing and life in their new home in Dominican Republic.


18 Steps to Buying a Home in the DR

  • Your home Buying Journey Begins
  • Find a realtor you can trust
  • Define your Lifestyle and Destination
  • Analyst your needs or desires in a Consultation
  • Select Properties
  • View Properties
  • Write an offer to Purchase
  • If need, choose an Escrow Agent
  • Negotiate & Counter-Offer
  • Choose your legal team or closing team
  • Accept the “Promise of Buying”
  • Let your Legal Team complete Due Diligence
  • Accept final Contract
  • Define and Pays Fees and Transfer Taxes
  • Inscribe transaction at the Title Register Authority
  • Expedite Title Certificate
  • Revision some important aspects
  • Close on the Property
  • Take possession of your new Home !


Tips for Choosing an Agent

Before you start looking for your new home, it is important to select the person to represent you during this important process. Work your real estate professional is to support you throughout the process of identifying the right home with the best possible conditions. Your agent will explain the process and ensure you are familiar with the various terms, activities, procedures and documents to be found.

The agent you choose should be:

  • Knowledgeable of local communities in Dominican Republic
  • Aware of local needs and state
  • Effective in multi-party negotiations
  • Technology-centered
  • Highly trained with access to additional certifications


Find the house in Dominican Republic

Numerous factors must be considered in choosing a property, including lifestyle, location, size, schools and services. We are committed to applying our extensive experience, professional resources, and knowledge of local communities to find the home that best suits your needs. See our current list of featured listings for properties for sale in Dominican Republic.


Making an Offer

Once you have found a home that you are interested, we will be happy to assist with structuring a deal effective. When you bid, the seller has three options: accept the offer, reject the offer or counter offering. We will work closely with you to negotiate the best possible conditions. Along with assisting you in drafting the purchase agreement also advise you of protective contingencies and local regulations. Although we will provide information and advice throughout the process, ultimately will be a decision on the exact price and terms you offer. Factors that may influence your bid include:

  • State Property
  • Home improvements
  • Market conditions
  • The motivation of the seller