Explore Lifestyles and Living Options in the Dominican Republic

You love the sound of a well shot pitching wedge, white sand beneath your feet, the sight of a colorful caribbean marina, or the need to find the perfect land to built your hotel or mansion. Discover more than a home, find your way of life…

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Puntacana, Casa de Campo, Cabrera, Samana, Santo Domingo just to mention some of the most prestigious resorts and cities of the Dominican Republic, offer a diverse mix of lifestyle options.

While most people think of sandy beaches, waterfront views and golf courses when you mention the Dominican Republic, our country is rich in lifestyle diversity. From walkable downtowns in the colonial zone of Santo Domingo, where “it all begins” 500 years ago, to resorts with small towns full of art and cultural activities like Altos de Chavon at Casa de Campo,  to country or rural ranches, to world best windsurf spot or even the first residential vineyard resort in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic has something for everyone to love.

Featured in our Lifestyles section are the unique elements that make the Dominican Republic unique. Select a Lifestyle to learn more about it and discover which resort and cities best match your interests.