Although just a few, trophy homes in the largest Caribbean Island are the pinnacle of real estate ownership.

Trophy home buyers expect the best across a broad category of attributes, ” position, view, amenities, and architectural merit” are all things the trophy home buyer desires. Last year, one of the most valuable transaction in the world was closed in the Caribbean for more than USD 67MM.  Our friend and SiBarth owner, Christian Wattiau seconds this, “advising that location, lot size, spectacular views, privacy, and uber-luxurious furnishings all contribute to a trophy home’s mettle. “

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Whether new build or resale, each of the trophy homes located in Dominican Republic and for sale this 2018 have many, if not all, of these characteristics.  Our clients really don’t care about provenance in Dominican Republic and old houses in unique locations are almost always torn down and rebuilt.

An example will be this property with 2 homes built on a 14,000m2 unique oceanfront lot at Punta Aguila, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. You will not find another large land to built your dream home like this one.

And as New build you can find Villa Varadero, a new build home inside the marina of a prestigious resort in the area of Punta Cana.

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But it seems that luxury buyer preferences for new builds are increasingly an international phenomenon. New-build trophy homes are increasingly a global phenomenon the trophy home market across the globe remains active.

Oceanfront Villa at Teeth of the Dog Golf Course, Casa de Campo


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