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Enjoy the Good Living issue of Christie’s Magazine 2016

    Our flagship publication, Christie’s International Real Estate magazine has been creating an unprecedented level of visibility to buyers and sellers of high-value properties since 1985. Produced four times a year, the publication has an annual readership of approximately one million. Their editorial content covers the arts, leisure, international cultural events, and the world…

“Top Seven Reasons Why Sales Performance Fails, And How To Fix It” by Milton Pedraza, CEO Luxury Institute

Please see below for the Luxury Institute’s latest White Paper, “Luxury Institute Reveals Top Seven Reasons Why Sales Performance Fails, And How To Fix It” by Milton Pedraza, CEO: Luxury brands in 2016 are managing through a troublesome time in the global economy, including a dramatic slowdown in China, a stronger dollar, and muted demand…

Do brokerage alliances matter?

(Credit: Jean Porter)   Both Sotheby’s and its main rival, Christie’s, have real estate ties – Christie’s via affiliated firms like Brown Harris Stevens in New York, and Sotheby’s through wholly-owned offices as well as affiliated brokerages. These affiliations are touted by property brokerage chiefs as an elite referral network that can generate buyer and…

THE ART OF THE DEAL ! An interview to Cesar Herrera during ART MIAMI 2015

[social_share style=”circle” align=”horizontal” heading_align=”inline” text=”” heading=”” facebook=”1″ twitter=”1″ google_plus=”1″ linkedin=”1″ pinterest=”1″ link=”” /]   How can a fine art collection serve as a financial asset? A fine art collection is not only exquisite, but can also serve as a significant financial investment. Although it may not be considered an ‘investment’ in the usual sense, a…

Como subastar una obra de arte en Christie’s

Cómo subastar su obra de arte en CHRISTIE’S ?  Como afiliado exclusivo de Christies en la Republica Dominicana, tenemos la oportunidad casi siempre de relacionarnos con clientes y personas que poseen colecciones de arte de gran valor universal.   Nuestros clientes tienen ahora ese canal directo a Christie’s, la casa de subastas de arte más reconocida en…

Christie’s visits Dominican Republic

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Brief insights of the Nov 2015 visit of Christie’s Education Profesor Matthew Nichols and Christie’s International Real Estate Vice-president Rick Moeser while in Dominican Republic   We visited many places related to art and contemporary art, to enrich the experience of visiting the Dominican Republic. We visited different Contemporary Art Galleries. Check and experience yourself…

Jean Philippe Corrigou visits OcoaBay

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Les presentamos una pequeña galería de lo que fue la visita de Jean Philippe Corrigou a OcoaBay. El Sr. Corrigou nos responde con una amistosa carta sobre su experiencia en OcoaBay. Cher Ami Cesar Un tres grand merci pour ces photos,ces mots justes et cette tres belle participation qui temoigne d’un instant exceptionnel de rencontres au…

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