One of the most advanced, modern and profitable Greenhouses Farm at Rancho Arriba

One of the most advanced, modern and profitable Greenhouses Farm at Rancho Arriba
Rancho Arriba, San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic
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Rancho Arriba 98000 m2 of Greenhouses 403625 m2

This Farm, located in Rancho Arriba Valley,  is one of the most advanced, modern and profitable in the country, with 100 +/- acres ( 403,625 m2 ) with 98,000 square meters of greenhouses and germinators, producing different types of vegetables, with an average growth of over 15 percent per year.

This farm will help you to start exporting fruits and vegetables immediately to the most demanding markets of the world.  Today producing  revenues over USD 1 million dollars, this farm has the installation and capacity to rapidly escalate production and diversify to any products. It is capable to satisfy any big order/contract from the larger distributors in America, Europe or Asia.

In this farm state-of-the-art technology, good agricultural practices (GAP) and efficient agronomic management are applied, obtaining productivity and quality similar to those of more advanced competitor countries, such as the Netherlands, Spain and Mexico. Its production is certified, complying with the traceability standards and have a contract with exporting companies, which reflects the commitment and responsibility with which they assume the quality and safety of their vegetables, to obtain a high price. and prestige in international markets.

The farm consists of 16 functional greenhouses, office buildings, employees installations, residencial house, event gazebo, many wells, a pond on approximately 100 acres in total land.  All of the additional  land could be use to expand production.

The farm is set up in such a unique and diverse way that there are endless economical possibilities.

With such a high international demand in locally grown fruits and vegetables this farm could be vertically integrated into a one stop shop.  Some buildings could be converted into more nursery/greenhouse space as well as processing facilities.   A perfect farm for hydroponic production.  The open land could be used to grow crops and graze livestock.  There is truly a need for locally grown and processed food and this would be a wonderful opportunity for someone to make a living by feeding this region and our state.


About Rancho Arriba Valley, Capital of the agrotechnological production 

The Rancho Arriba Valley, San José de Ocoa, leads the production in a controlled environment or greenhouses, achieving yields of up to 36 pounds per square meter and 72 percent of exportable quality, in a process of productive and technological reconversion, changing its agriculture with high-value crops in export markets.

Therefore, when talking about agriculture under controlled environment or greenhouses, definitely people think and turn their gaze towards Rancho Arriba, the capital of this agrotechnological production.


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