Mangoes Model Farm with +3MM mangoes units & Quick Revenue Cash Flow

Mangoes Model Farm with +3MM mangoes units & Quick Revenue Cash Flow
Caño Piedra, Azua, Dominican Republic
For Sale $1,000,000.00 - Farm/Ranch/Plantation, Investors and Developpers
Caño Piedra, Azua 251600 m2 of Greenhouses 240000 m2 cultivated

Magnificent Mango farm in production located on the zone Caño Piedra, Azua, just a few kilometers from the city of Azua with excellent roads access to port and airports in Santo Domingo.

With an extension of 251,600 m2 ( 25.1 hectares ), 240,000 m2 of them cultivated, the farm is equipped with all the necessary supplies for the production of mango. It is a farm with an optimum soil quality for tropical crops, deep and well-drained soils, derived from shales.

This plantation has a technological advanced irrigation system and water is supplied by the Ysura Water Canal, adjacent to the finca

Plantation carried out in the year 2020, existing different varieties of mango and 3,951,000 units are been produced and an increase in productivity is expected due to the young age of all trees.

Inside the farm, you will find the following assets:

  • Artificial lake or reservoir
  • Accessory building (housing) with separate toilet via partition, kitchen, hall and covered porch and machinery buildin 


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