Earn Up To 45% Returns With Mangoes Plantation in Dominican Republic

Earn Up To 45% Returns With Mangoes Plantation in Dominican Republic
Las Yayas de Viajama, Cruce de Ocoa, Dominican Republic
For Sale $2,300,000.00 - Farm/Ranch/Plantation
Ranchito / Cruce de Ocoa 60000 m2 planted 2019 Year Built 1572000 m2
  1. 1,572,000 m2 total Land with good access and water secured supply
  2. 60,000 m2 planted, only a 4% on the total Land
  3. First Harvest 2020 – 600,000 units Projected

and also

  1. Solar Energy Pumping System with Reservoir in the higher place to irrigate by gravity
  2. Proyected Production in 5 years of 6,400,000 units of mangoes
  3. Mangoes variety produced: 50% Kent and 50% Kent make this plantation highly profitable and efficient



Stunning 360 aerial photo at 100 meters above the Plantation

Click here: https://viewer.hangar.com/360?productId=wYXQ6GZj

or click the Picture below to see from above this beautiful finca

Why Mangoes?

You may not be too familiar with them, but mangos are the most eaten tree fruit in the world. The global market is massive—except in two very important places…

The mango markets in the United States and Europe are in their infancy… but expanding big time. The USDA’s figures for mango consumption between 1980 and 2012 show an increase of a staggering 896%, from 0.25 pounds per person to 2.49 pounds per person, on average. The most recent set of data, from 2017, shows that Americans now eat 3.42 pounds of mango per person.

That’s a serious trend in demand, and, with this current opportunity in Dominican Republic, you’re in line to profit from it. Of course, you’re investing in more than a fruit… you’re actually purchasing a turn-key mango plantation in Dominican Republic with its infrastructure and organic technology already in place and plenty to growth.

Best of all, as the labor, farming, and processing are all done in Dominican Republic, it means you’re getting a first-world-quality product at developing-world costs…

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