Organic pineapple plantation with export revenues and positive cash-flow

Organic pineapple plantation with export revenues and positive cash-flow
Monteplata, Dominican Republic
For Sale, Under Contract Price Upon Request - Farm/Ranch/Plantation
Monteplata Ananas 1572000 m2

The ananas, or pineapple plant, is grown around the world – mainly in warm environments with regular rainfall like this one in the Dominican Republic

This is an organic pineapple plantation in eastern Monte Plata province.

The company produces and exports fruit and is one of the largest pineapple plantation at Monteplata and, in around two months, will finish construction of more packing area.

This plantation is offers as one profitable investment, an excellent innovative and a competitive farm.

More than 1,500,000 m2 of land with more than 50% planted and producing and sale locally in Dominican Republic and several important contracts to export to countries with very high standard market like Israel and Russia.

This is amazing. In this plantation, one pineapple cut one day could finish the next day in a french market or dutch supermarket. That what I could super fresh product.

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This is one great pineapple plantation with constant export and local sale revenues and plenty of land to grow exponentially. My name is Cesar Herrera and my phone is (809) 6975117