To Provaltur International it was an honor and pleasure to receive a very pleasing visit from friends and Christie’s affiliates of Year, Julie and Matt Faupel from Jackson Hole. We also had the pleasure of sharing with Liz Hogan, EMW special agent a real estate company Miami based, owned by Warren Buffet.

Their company alone and their presence energizes us scouring properties that Provaltur has exclusively under the Bespoke Program Christie’s, such as Punta Minitas 34, Punta Minitas 11 or Casa Palapa and also Punta Aguila 28, The Wave. Liz introduced us another beautiful property at Los Mango soon hope to be added to our portfolio of amazing homes at Casa de Campo.

As always, Punta Minitas 34, with chef Miguel, helped us stage for light but no less delicious meal. The staff of Punta Minitas 34 never fails, so it is chosen by celebrities and famous when they are in the country.

The real estate tour was completed and the door was left open for Julie, Matt and Liz so soon we meet here again, deepen our relationships and to close some good businesses.

These relations and views are what make us unique in the Dominican Republic and the reason why the most demanding owners trust us with the most precious villas to promote through our worldwide network

We are the brand that defines luxury real estate. Worldwide.

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