There are many ways to relax in the second largest Caribbean nation.

If you are looking for a romantic trip for two, with lazy days spent on the shores of golden sand or luxuries, lodging for families or adventure for the whole family, the Dominican Republic has it all.

10. Sun, surf and sand. Relax in one of the hundreds of pristine beaches of the Dominican Republic. The country is surrounded by 800 miles of stunning sandy shores with blue Caribbean Sea on the South Coast and the rich blue of the Atlantic Ocean on the north coast. The North Coast of the Dominican Republic has the kiteboarding capital of the world, and around Puerto Plata, waves and wind are suitable for water sports activities. Also in the country you’ll find caving, kayaking, ziplining, hiking, horseback riding and more.

9. Explore the first city in America. The cultural capital of America, 2010, Santo Domingo is where Christopher Columbus established the first church, hospital and the city, known as the Zona Colonial. Explore the museums and walk the streets that the conquerors paraded in the 15th century.

8. Get your game of golf at any of the 25 golf courses in design, in Rep.Dom that are a treat to watch. Punta Espada Golf Club in Cap Cana, Teeth of the Dog in the House, Nick Faldo Legacy Course at Roco Ki and Playa Grande are some of the fields of the Dominican Republic who have received honors for their beauty and design. Any of our properties will allow you to experience the luxury of its golf courses.


7. Reconnect with nature. A leader in sustainable tourism, eco-adventures and explorations of nature. Explore the national parks, coastal whale sanctuaries and reserves. Our waterfalls and mountains canyoning, kayaking, fishing in rivers, lakes and bays, the Dominican Republic is a natural paradise.

6. Renewal spa. Enjoy world class spas at luxury resorts throughout the country. Well suited Hotels luxury spa in the Dominican Republic to serve visitors with all the desire of rebirth and renewal. Spas that make much use of local customs, herbs and traditions in their treatments to restore the integrity and welfare of the body.

5. Dance the Merengue. Merengue is a national passion in the DR. Visitors can dance outside care in clubs, parades, festivals or anywhere where the Merengue wins the game quickly. Most cities in the Dominican Republic there are festivals of meringue with professional orchestras and planned activities throughout the year including the annual festival held in late July or early August in Santo Domingo and one week of celebration in Puerto silver in October each year.


4. Celebrate carnival. During the month of February in the Dominican Republic, the Dominican carnival is an explosion of joy and a demonstration of cultural identity and spontaneity. Carnival parades are held in cities like La Vega, Santo Domingo and everyone can participate and enjoy the masked demons dance, floats and costumed characters.

3. Strengthen ties. The Rep.Dom is a perfect place to get closer. Spending quality time to explore attractions such as Ocean World in Puerto Plata or the National Aquarium in Santo Domingo. Children of all ages will love the Cueva Fun-Fun in the Los Haitises National Park, while the beaches of Punta Cana can relax together.

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2. To visit our Wineyard. The comunity of Ocoa has the first and unique wineyard in the country producing the wine OcoaBay . By our climatic conditions, OcoaBay is the ideal place for growing grapes. Taking three vendemias year, we retain the pleasure of waiting beside the majestic landscapes and activities OcoaBay  offers

1. Experience DR culture. The best part of a vacation in the Dominican Republic is the deep culture of friendship in the Dominican sense, the sense of intelligent design, love of the arts and optimism for life in the country. History, art, music and culture are expressed in the life and work of the Dominican people. Here in Provaltur we offer the opportunity to rent or buy any luxury property in the Dominican Republic, where you can experience any of these reasons to visit. We assure you that want to have a permanent stay in this tropical paradise.