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We find vineyards to the sea, in an area of rocky limestone soils with decomposition of hillsides, which gives you plenty of loose rock. Several sites providing irrigation water strains in appropriate times and vines have been sought by various assays have proven productive.

Vinas on the coast of Bay Ocoa and OcoaBay Tasting Room

Wines made so far have been varieties Colombard french that was planted in 2010, and is currently the sixth harvest which will be done soon. Tests have been done with many other varieties and today has begun to make wine tempranillo, one year old.

Our view of white wine, which tasted like it said in Morales de Toro (Zamora), along with the owners and winemaker Carlos Gallego, is surprising when you know its origin.

We are in tropical vineyards to the sea, without significant temperature variations throughout the year and with strains of young age, and although these two conditions, the wine is nice with fruit flavors like green apple, citrus and some crops memories both pineapples grow in the area.


Gabriel Acevedo and Antonio Menendez in the vineyard

Gabriel Acevedo y Antonio Menendez en el viñedo

For the work of the vine have Antonio Menéndez who has lived many years on the island where he took his knowledge of the vine, from Asturias; in winemaking have the advice of Chilean winemaker Felipe Zuniga, who works in the area of Cauquenes in the vineyards of the south of that country so interesting in its winemaking. In the culture supports agronomist Rafael Tejeda, which surprises every year to see how the vineyard grows with health and strength, giving two excellent vintages.

It is admirable that the growth cycle of tempranillo from vintage outbreak has been three months and 17 days, and the Colombard just four months.

The red tempranillo has been prepared for the first time, and we believe that missing the old strain, and should vendimiar very point, as maturities occur over very quickly, with significant loss of acidity.

The white wine is the one we really surprised by the freshness but with character that gives such an exotic place. We believe that with the growth of the plant, the grape will acquire another power even improve wine vintage and controlling can be pulled it a little acidity to the wine, which will benefit giving freshness and will age well.

If the white wonder, what shall we say of the spirit which each year Spaniard Antonio with his knowledge and that has excellent flavor and a fruity flavor. As given in the production of excellent distillates cane country, wine alcohol stands out as another original product.



In this walk through tropical vineyards we emphasize that the fruits are of a certain quality. In the case of table grapes are excellent and have the possibility of being included in the highlights, both climate and market, so they have a clear advantage over other powers.

For vineyards grape varieties believe that the age of the vineyard and experience wine making foul. This last factor is solved in the area of production where brasileira already occurring excellent sparkling and still wines off good starts.

Experience is gained and there are samples of products of interest Puntalarga wines in Colombia or white Ocoa Bay.

So when the conquistadors brought grapes to the Caribbean region and although not walking misguided tradition of cultivation on the island of La Spanish seems to disappear early, other experiences that have existed over time, as in the area Neiba, traditionally produced grapes.

In the province of Bahoruco, is that grape growing region about 200 hectares of vineyards producing table fruit and for wine production, with more than fifteen varieties.

The surprise, therefore has history and tradition in some areas such as the Dominican Republic where the crop is moved to Mexico in the early sixteenth century.

As a supplement, buy a house between vineyards Caribbean collaborating to sustainable development of the area can be a new tourist attraction for the island, as developed in the hospitality sector.


Luis Vicente Elias


LEARN MORE ABOUT OCOABAY here: www.provaltur.com/en/ocoabay