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Vinos Ocoabay

Are you a wine lover, the beach, the sea and want to have a vacation where all these passions are united and they can enjoy one of the most beautiful places on the Planet?

Well you're in luck, if your economy allows, in the Caribbean Sea, just in Azua, Dominican Republic, Ocoabay Resort is a wine tourism complex that revolves around the world of wine, becoming the first agro-tourism project in the Caribbean these features. 

In the same city that Hernán Cortés lived 6 years and in that first introduced strains in America today has built the largest resort in the world dedicated to the enjoyment and passion of wine, certainly Hernán Cortés not imagine what today it has become one of the most exotic parts of the world. 

OcoaBay property is the first eco-wine-hotel development in Dominican Republic that conceives architecture simple forms and eco-sustainable, evoking the natural environment there and appreciating the natural materials of the area. 

Villas inside vineyards

Vendimia Ocoabay

Ocoabay contemporary country-tropical architectural style family can enjoy the mountains, sand, cool breeze, clubhouse, tasting room, beach and unimaginable sunsets on the bay. 

Choose a unique piece of land for the construction of your villa. With an eco-sustainable approach to the welfare of the whole environment. Be among the privileged to enjoy the wine culture and wine tourism in Dominican Republic you cultivating your own vineyard in your garden. 

Resort map 

 Mapa Resort

Among beautiful sunsets can explore a healthy lifestyle that promotes the welfare of all, encouraging a green conscience and a life in harmony with the environment. OcoaBay has about 2 million square meters, including a nature reserve area in this space there is a 5 star hotel with 20 bungalows style rooms, a wine cellar, tasting room, sports areas, church, vineyards, exotic fruit a nature reserve Guayacanes, a garden of tropical fruits, 30 lots of land and 2 heliports.

If you want to invest and have your own house and vineyard in one of the most spectacular places on the planet, you can purchase one of the lots on offer within the resort, you will have your little Châteu where you can develop your own wines, which will be earmarked for own consumption or offer to Cellar OcoaBay for marketing. 

Sala de Cata

A total investment of 167 million dollars this complex OcoaBay has several plantations with strains producing their own wines with the intention of competing with the best wines in the world, and the first bottles are marketed and results are good. 
Located in the Caribbean Sea, the strains carried two harvests per year and are in their third year of production. Currently there are more than 30 European and American strains in experimentation and adaptation to climate and soil, getting very good results with the variety French Colombard, a variety of white grape in Spain is authorized only in the autonomous community of Andalusia, one naturally acidic grapes normally used as a complement to other varieties. 

Sala de Cata Ocoabay

Tasting Room OcoabayEncontramos more examples of this grape variety in South Africa where its cultivation is broader in Australia with lower production and in California, which is the second most planted variety, but in the age of 80, consumers demanded more Chardonnay grape variety, which had a meteoric boost consumption level. 
If your passion is wine in OcoaBay surely find the perfect place to enjoy your holidays or just to retire and devote yourself to the enjoyment of wine at one of the most exotic seas of the planet site. 

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