Panoramic 360º luxury properties

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The most important thing when buying a property is its location.

The person who is watching online a property deserve to have a 360º areal vision over the property and see the neighborhood, surroundings, next door properties and much more. He should have a command on the screen that allows to direct the view to wherever he want.

Panoramic 360 aerial photography are not a visit made in virtual reality, but a real aerial visit to the site and place.

Expand the buyer’s reach

The ability to view a property remotely, either on the screen or through a virtual reality device, also extends the reach of buyers.

Foreign investors are a key objective for 360 virtual visits, since the need to travel to see them is substantially reduced. In some cases, investors have submitted an offer on a property without seeing it in person. This is particularly the case of luxury and high-value properties, which are the most sought after by foreign investors.

That said, there is also a lot of traction for investing investors, who are generally less involved in physical details. These investors rely more on the results of the survey and on data on potential rental returns and capital gains than the complexities of space. Again, 360 virtual aerial photographies reduce the amount of time spent on visits for investing investors, who are even less likely to want to spend significant time on visits than residential buyers or tenants.

There is not an instrument more effective and visually than the panoramic 360º aerial, within these there are several examples:

Explore Luxury Homes for Sale at Punta Cana

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