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Take a look at the new issue of Christie’s Magazine dedicated to Architecture and Design. 

In this issue you will see Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch for sale! Interesting articles about the new architecture tendencies and te new styles that will point out the new luxury market.  To read the issue online just  CLICK HERE

Nothing shapes how we live our lives in quite the same way as our surroundings — our homes and workplaces dictate the level of comfort, well-being, and luxury we enjoy. In this issue — dedicated to architecture and design — we turn our attention to our built environments, and meet architecture’s “young guns” who are molding our world with the residences and municipal spaces they create. We will look at high-rise living and the evolution of the “vertical village” and explore the kitchen design and the designer-maker that are reimagining the heart of the home. Inside, we visit an architectural gem in a stunning Atlantic location as well as presenting more than 190 luxury property listings from around the world.

All this, plus more than 200 property listings for sale around the world from our global affiliates, with even more online at  our Blog