A Year-End Record sprint by Provaltur

A record must be the value of the properties added to the Christies International Real Estate portfolio by Provaltur International Inc. in recent weeks, reaching USD 273,243,000.00 only during  these last two weeks.

During a journey of travels we added properties from all major tourist spots in the country.


Provaltur added to its portfolio houses located in Samana, Casa de Campo and Punta Cana for a amount of USD 21,300,000. Visit some highlights:

Samana by the Sea: http://listing.provaltur.com/eng/sales/detail/309-l-77825-f1312182121700006/samana-by-the-sea-portillo-samana-sa

Punta Minitas: http://listing.provaltur.com/eng/sales/detail/309-l-77825-f1312221520700001/feaugas-oceanfront-design-casa-de-campo-lr

Arrecife: http://listing.provaltur.com/eng/sales/detail/309-l-77825-f1309210619700020/arrecife-punta-cana-la


But in addition to properties, we have also added to our portfolio Lands and Lots ” for the amount of USD 251,943,400.00http://provaltur.com/en/buy/our-clients-invest-in-land

Worth to mention is this land next to Romana and Casa de Campo, named “La Finca ” sold with all permits and designs for a spectacular development project : http://listing.provaltur.com/eng/sales/detail/309-l-77825-f1312162122700006/entre-autovia-romana-rio-cumayasa-y-mar-caribe-con-frente-a-la-catalina-ca


But never forget the properties we have in the Christies Bespoke Program : www.provaltur.com / bespoke


For more information, write to: info@provaltur.com or call us at 809 697-5117.