Thinking of selling your home? Or are your curious about the value of your home?

Great! We’re to help you whith every stage of process so you can make the best choice for your and your family. At the Provaltur International Team, we use innovate marketing and listing strategies that are proven to sell your home or 2.7% more than anyone else. That means, on average, our seller walks away with $6,820 more!

1. We Answer the Phone!

-Do Agents Answer the Phone? 

45% Go to the voicemail

30% of calls are answered

17% Busy or No answer

8% Bad number

-Will Buyer’s Leave a Message?

70% Hang up

30% Leave a message

Seems obvious, right?

At least, it should be! Ultimate, this means 7 out of 10 buyer calls go answered, which can potentially cost you a quick deal and lots of money!

Our 5 Minute Commitment

At the Provaltur International, our designated Customer Response team return calls within five minutes. No potential buyer will go unanswered! What’s more, our team is staffed with only the highest quality real estate professionals who know exactly how to work with potential buyers and get them in your home!

2. Get Your Home Noticed!

We offer dedicated Internet Marketing Professionals to optimize only marketing for you home, which means your home gets seen more often and by more people! We believe that advertising should put your home in front of as many o the right buyers as possible (so it sells quickly and for more money) So we spend thousands on advertising every month to promote your home. Take a look at just a few of our unique internet marketing strategies.

 -Search Engine Optimzation: We make sure your home shows up first. In fact, even our photos are optimized to be found on Google and direct buyers to your property online! Just Google the address of any of our current properties for sale and see where we rank!

-Social Media Marketing: Your home will be promoted with the latest marketing techniques through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can see our nationally recognized Facebook Fan Page at Our award-winning website is designed to engage visitors so they the view and interact with your property!

3. Selling Specialization!

-The home selling process is more complex

Today, the home selling process is much more complex  than it was even five years ago. Think about it – Five years ago, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter were brand new and incredibly small!

-Our Team is Your Team

Because it takes more to sell a home today, many agents find themselves with split attention and less time to dedicate to each client. Provaltur International, however, is made up of individuals dedicated to selling and marketing homes. That’s right: your specialized agents dedicates 100% of their time to selling!

4. Expert Staging

Most buyers are looking for homes that are ”move-in” ready, and they use photos to decide which properties should be on their must see list. This makes staging your home one the most crucial parts of the home selling process.  What’s more, your home is competing against model homes who have thousands o dollars at their disposal for professional staging and cleaning. Provaltur International works with a full suite of trusted vendors, professional stagers, make-ready repair temas, and photografhers to ensure that your home shows its very best, both online and when buyers walk throgh the door.

So what now? Give us a call 829-473-0000      

If you are considering selling your home, give us a call at 829-473-0000. We would love the opportunity to learn more about your specific situation and help you sell your home!