Only Prime Land

Only Prime Land

Why the Dominican Republic to invest in land? 

Why look for investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic, and not for example is Honduras, Costa Rica or other countries in the Caribbean. Why do i place the Dominican Republic totally on top of my list?

What are the basic assumptions an investor (small or large investor) is looking for?

Most investors are looking for a stable country with a democratic government. The Dominican Republic is a stable country with a democracy. They want to have certain protection by law. The new deslinde law is established april 2009!!!

Investors want to buy at affordable prices that offers the potential for long term return on investment. And also very important in a nice environment!

Availability! And we have that in the Dominican Republic. for a large investor its is still possible to buy large acreages as an investment. Beachfront properties from thousands of acres with miles and miles of beaches are still available. Even for 6-7 usd per m2, 6.000 – 7.000 usd per acre. Remember that an investment is not only beach land. What do you think of agricultural land here in the Dominican Republic. 500-600 usd per acre… Investment opportunities for companies for example who are dealing with jatropha, alternative and renewable energy sources.

The Dominican Republic is perfect for an investment like that. 100% ownership from your investment. Secured for life. Even new laws for retired people from the USA that makes investments better.

Take a look at the right side and see if you can find an investment opportunity in the Dominican Republic. If not in our website, ask and we will help you to find the investment that fits you.

And the best investment is land…. Investing in land has a worldwide proven record and the best is beachfront or oceanfront land investment. And here we can advice you.


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