La Boca, Cabarete Paradise | 620,000m2 Land for sale

La Boca, Cabarete, Dominican Republic
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The Land

Where the extent of the private property exceeds 620,000 M2.

The La Boca Land Parcel is located next to the mouth of the Yasica River in the area known as La Boca. It contains 620,000 square meters (m2) of land and is situated approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) east of Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The Gregorio Luperón International Airport in Puerto Plata is a 30-minute drive to the west.

The property contains approximately 700 lineal meters of beach front. Based on mangroves and some areas considered wetlands, it is estimated that 80% of the land is buildable. Current regulations allow densities of up to 40 rooms per acre.  However, Great care will be taken to ensure maximum protection of any sensitive environmental zone within the project. As they have such a huge piece of land to build on and so few buildings to build, they will endeavor to not cut a single protected tree . A land where new owner must respect all setbacks from the ocean, the mangroves, the river bank and construct within the local building codes and laws that pertain to the parcel. Therefore the property is best suited for a low-density, eco-friendly environment. One scenario could be a medium Boutique Hotel with an adjacent eco villas.

Where the project will develop several hectares of beautiful riverfront property for public use.


What used to be a purely agricultural and fishing village is now one of the capitals of extreme sports in the country and the region. In the midst of tourism development, with a growing offer of hotels, shops and quality restaurants, Cabarete hosts every year thousands of surfers coming from all around of the world. Its climate, water and winds have earned it recognition as one of the best destinations in the world for surfing, windsurfing and kite boarding, with various international competitions being held here every year.

Why this place?

To the new generation of millennials, kite boarding is now what golf has been for traditional businessmen. But it goes beyond a simple sport. It offers the possibility of reaching a haven of peace and tranquility in the midst of nature, which is also included in the lifestyle of entrepreneurs and those who dare to invest in cutting-edge technology projects.

The mouth of Yásica River offers both options, to practice their favorite sport, be one with nature and bring variety to their lives.

Before choosing Cabarete as the set for a project, a buyer must compare between Bahamas, Costa Rica, Cancún Belice and Dominican Republic based on the following factors:

  • Frequency of direct flights to and from Unites States and Europe
  • Distance between the airport and the city
  • Water temperature during the cold months
  • Number of days with winds above 15 nods
  • Cost of labor, land and construction
  • Crime index
  • Communication and Internet access and speed
  • Ease of immigration

After visiting and comparing all destinations, Cabarete has won in many hearts and in the different factors that make it an special place, such as the kindness of its people, the ideal wind conditions and temperature for kite boarding, the landscapes and beauty of its surroundings, the communication, among other components.

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La Boca, Cabarete Paradise | 620,000m2 Land for sale
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