As a Christie’s International Real Estate Affiliate, we work with individuals possessing items of great worth and universal value. If our clients wish to sell estate contents, we can highlight our working relationship with one of the most renowned and trusted art auction houses in the world. Referring property content for sale through Christie’s assists our client in completing a more efficient, simple, and profitable real estate transaction.


Procedural Considerations 

Once it has been determined that our client desires to sell items that fall into an auction category or value level that Christie’s currently handles, we fill out the content referral form on the Extranet and provide the following:

  • Clear color images of each item (preferably in JPEG format), with front and back shots and a close-up of the signature or maker’s mark
  • Specific dimensions, medium, and other details available
  • The item’s history, including when, where, and how it was acquired
  • Copies of appraisals or any literature relating to the item or certificates of authenticity, if available

Note: Referrals submitted without images will NOT be accepted. 


Christie’s Follow-up 

The information will then be ascribed to the appropriate specialists at Christie’s, who will determine whether Christie’s is already actively engaged with the prospective client, and then ascertain the saleability of the item or collection, and provide a preliminary auction estimate for each item that Christie’s would sell. It is important to note that such estimates are provisional and potential auction items are subject to examination by a Christie’s specialist. If our client agrees to sell the items at Christie’s, a specialist will then coordinate a contract for sale with our client directly and advise them about all associated costs, the timing of sales, any special terms, and shipping arrangements. Our client should expect to incur some out-of-pocket expenses.

Due to the volume of estimate requests and our commitment to the highest standards of service, please allow up to six weeks for a response.

Provaltur appoint one key contact person to act as a central liaison between our staff and the staff at Christie’s to ensure accurate records, consistency of knowledge, and efficient processing.


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